Fan Xiaolu


STR 10
DEX* 16 (3)
CON 10
INT* 12 (1)
WIS 14 (2)
CHA 15 (2)

Thieves Cant

- Communicate secretly with others who know thieves can’t through symbols, messages, etc))

Sneak Attack

- Once per turn add 1 D6 w/advantage))

City Secrets

- Travel speed x2 through cities and knowledge of secret passages))

Cunning Action

- Bonus action once per combat turn to: Dash, Disengage, or Hide))

Race: Wood Elf
Class: Rogue; Urchin
Languages: Elvish, Common and Goblin
Racial Attributes

- Dark Vision
- Fey Ancestry
- Immune to magic sleep
- Advantage save against charms


- Stealth
- Deception
- Sleight of Hand
- Animal Handling
- Proficient with Disguises + Thieves kit
- Insight
- Acrobatics


The youngest and only daughter of a minor diplomat, Fan never expected greatness. While her brothers stood to inherit wealth and some degree of power, given their place in society Fan could at least expect a comfortable and easy life. All of that changed when she was 10 and her father fell gravely ill. Priests were able to make him comfortable but despite all of the prayers and poultices he seemed to grow worse. People in the village surrounding the estate grew worried and the gossip spread like wildfire.

During this time an old holy man came to town; no possessions to his name other than a cane and several bottles of dark, sticky elixirs. The old man asked to see the diplomat whose spirit was fleeing his body and he was granted an audience immediately. After a few hours alone with the holy man, color returned to the diplomat’s cheeks and his strength grew back in full within the week. According to the old man there was a disruption in the diplomat’s flow and he had helped water return to the well of his soul.

The old man was offered a place of honor, wealth and many other things as payment for his services. Each offer was declined until the diplomat realized the gift of an apprentice may please the man who found no use for worldly trinkets. Fan was given to the old man as his servant, much to her horror. Disinherited, sent away as a beggar and an urchin the young girl realized her best chance at survival was to absorb as much from the old healer as possible. Her life would be a life of servitude to all that needed her, for now. Play along and find her own place in the world, in time.

Ten years passed and the girl learned much in the way of healing, common folk and how to survive in even the most dire of situations with only your wit to protect you. Always longing for the life she was robbed of, Fan constantly found ways to beg, borrow and steal whatever glittering trinket caught her eye. Having lifted a bounty of gold and assortment of baubles from the home of a man they healed, Fan was horrified to discover she had fleeced a powerful gang member. The old man was blamed for the robbery and was slain in the street before he even heard rumors of the thievery. Left to her own devices with a heart full of chaos, the former diplomat’s daughter became a shadow in a foreign city.

Fan Xiaolu

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