Princes of the Apocalypse

Chapter 1.2 Onward to Oakhurst!

After resting In Red Larch for what seemed like ages, the party found themselves approached by a Lady Melissa. Hearing of the group exploits, she hired our company of heroes to help find her children who had recently gone missing near the town of Oakhurst. The two young children were adventurers themselves, hired as bodyguards for the very delegation our heroes were hunting down!

The group made its way to Oakhurst to find a town in desperate need of heroes. Rumors swirled about missing children, magic apples, haunted Mansions, and strange monster attacks. Our heroes decided to investigate the Drowned Citadel, a local ruin and the last place the delegation and its bodyguards were seen.

Upon reaching the ravine the citadel was located in, the party discovered a flock of Kenku spies hiding in a broken tower. Their leader, a kenku who goes by the name Corvo, offered valuable insight and scouting reports about the citadel in return for a favor. The party agreed and found themselves tasked with returning the magic sword Shatterpsike to the flock. The very sword one of the missing adventurers was famous for wielding.



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